Random Cheap Sh%t! – Insider

Yes the winter sales are in full swing! This is an exciting time for all those people like me that love a bargain. I am a real bargain hunter at heart and rarely, if ever do I buy anything at full price. The trick with the winter sale season is to not get sucked into a spending frenzy (a trap I have fallen into many a time). Here are my top tips to help you really benefit!

Know your wardrobe:

Before you start parting with your hard earned cash, do a full sweep of your wardrobe. Look at what you have, think about what might be missing and what works for you. That way when you are out in the thick of it or being wowed by online bargs, this is when knowing your wardrobe will be really helpful. You can search out pieces in the sale that work with what you’ve got.

Look at the year ahead:

What events, festivals, works dos, weddings might you be attending for the coming year? Now is the time to grab a few key pieces that will work for you in the spring/summer months. Don’t worry about the trends for the year ahead (unless your trend buff). Shops often put out all their random stock from last spring/summer and beyond. So if you grab a few pieces now you can end up saving some extra cash for later in the year. I often buy my jumpers in spring/summer and the odd cheeky summer top in winter. Why the hell not? Plus when you pull it out of the bag when the right season appears, trust me you will be well chuffed because you’ve got a new item that feels like new when you put it on and you didn’t pay over the odds. Double win!

Do you really need it?

If you love fashion as much as me, this is a hard question, because technically you probably wont. However bagging a wardrobe refresh in the winter sales is a real buzz and makes you feel amazing, fact. That is how new clothes make me feel. So to manage the ‘want Vs need’ conundrum, fill your basket up and just before you get to the check out/till, be ruthless and honest with yourself and edit it! Ask yourself these key questions: What will I wear this with? When will I wear this? Do I have a lot of this type of stuff already? Once you have gleamed these three answers you can make a more informed decision ahead of spending your dosh!

Buying for your loved ones:

This is always a shaky area I think but when we are out there and the sales are that good, it always feels nice grabbing a few bargs for the loved ones in our lives (partner/siblings/any other family member). Firstly, can you be totally sure they will like it? Unsure? Then don’t buy it, unless of course you are happy to faff about with returns. I have a good working system with the husband! I fill up online baskets for him, which he then gets to edit. Everyone wins! I get him wearing the clothes that I think look awesome on him and he gets to make decisions about what he wears, rather than be just my male model! Double win.

Basically, don’t get sucked into buying random sh*t, that’s a waste of your money and you end up with crap at the back of the wardrobe. Have a wardrobe that really works for you, makes you feel good and is the best use of your hard earned cash!

Happy winter sale shopping!


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