Eyebrows. WTF?!

Seriously what the hell is going on. I get it, more groomed, bigger brows and I must say on most women and men it looks awesome. But WTF is going on with HD eyebrows. Oh my days, seriously? Some people get it so right and then some just go way too far.

Its takes real skill to nail this look.

But since when did we all become so obsessed with the thickness, colour and shape. Is it really necessary? What’s so wrong with just a natural eyebrow. OK, OK, I can hear you gasping, as I know that most women do a lot of plucking, waxing and yes sure, a little tidy up is fair enough. But drawing on your eye brows is just too much and quite frankly looks naff!  I walk past eyebrow bars and shudder, as they use the template to mark out your eye brows. Your brows are already perfectly placed. They are the right shape (generally speaking), the right colour, the right size for you and your face so why mess with them? Think carefully next time you pick up an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel and ask yourself does my face really need this? You might just surprise yourself.

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