Will Your Style Change This Season? -Stylist

Does your style change with the season? The fashion brands have a vested interest in wanting you to change your look. The economy depends on it. However, I think there is a middle way. I like to mix it up, so I revise, edit and update what I have with a full seasonal swap over. By this I mean, in spring/summer (S/S) I put away … Continue reading Will Your Style Change This Season? -Stylist

What to wear? Epic Autumn So Far! – Stylist

Welcome to Autumn/Winter (A/W) 2018! Hasn’t it been utterly gorgeous so far (yes I know it has rained too but let’s not focus on that for now – winter is not for thinking about right now), beautiful warm days, blue skies and the changing colours of the trees. It is such a special time of year, a time for reflection, contemplation, of letting go whilst … Continue reading What to wear? Epic Autumn So Far! – Stylist

Well, HellOOOoooooo There!

Hello there fellow fashion friends, fiends and fanatics! Firstly, let me begin by apologising for my notable absence over the Spring/Summer season. To be honest, I have been pouring my energy into my other creative business ventures, that pay the bills (I run my own fundraising consultancy and I am edm vocalist/producer plus fashion stylist – my side hustle). I have not been completely off … Continue reading Well, HellOOOoooooo There!

Finding Your ‘WOW’ In Your Wardrobe – Stylist Tips

Last week on instagram @fashion_i_here commented on putting some ‘Wow’ into your wardrobe. Now, I think this notion warrants a blog post too. Why? I might hear you ponder, well putting ‘wow’ into your wardrobe is totally subjective. It is really up to you to decide what that is. So, spring has (begun) to arrive, and now is the perfect time to inject some colour … Continue reading Finding Your ‘WOW’ In Your Wardrobe – Stylist Tips

Make Life Easier, Opt for Shellac – Stylist

I love Shellac and having had naturally long nails all my life, thanks to genetics Shellac has revolutionised my beauty regime. All the women in my family on both sides have naturally long nails, so it was only destiny that I would follow suit. Because they grow like horses hoofs and are very strong, it means over the years I have spent so much time … Continue reading Make Life Easier, Opt for Shellac – Stylist

Realistic Reinvention – Stylist

For me and many others, every new year offers us hope of reinventing ourselves in some new way, shape or form. A new body, a new habit, a new experience, a new approach or a new beginning. So, will you reinvent yourself for 2018 and if so how? It doesn’t have to be an epic overhaul, as I can imagine you are brilliant just the … Continue reading Realistic Reinvention – Stylist